Charoite is a gorgeous stone from Siberia. It is a purple, swirling, opaque to translucent crystal with inclusions of black dendritic formations and golden calcite.

The energy of Chariot is activating to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

Because of it's inclusions of black, it directs Divine inspiration into the lower Chakras, so that action can be taken after the knowledge, received from the higher mind.

Chariot leads one on the path of Divine service. If you have been unsure of what path to take in order to best serve on Gaia (Mother Earth) at this time, Chariot will lead you forward.

This stone's energy will help to open and clear you Third Eye and Crown chakras, allowing you to connect with the Divine and receive guidance on your path.

Charoite is a very high frequency stone that installs a feeling of peace and surrender to the Divine will. Charoite reminds us that our path is in service to each other and to the Divine Light.

Affirmation: I am in service to the Light.